B'nai Tikvah-Beth Israel Synagogue in South Jersey

Rabbi's Message

Rabbi Jordi Gendra It might sound naive but, as a rabbi, I have the vision of being part of a congregation that transforms people's lives and fosters a commitment to Jewish values and life. To this end, we will study texts examining the diversity of Jewish life and consider our texts not as a closed canon but as an ongoing record of our Jewish history. Together, we will share our simchas and support each other in times of need through traditions, rituals and ethical practices of Judaism, and to inject meaning and a sense of purpose into our modern lives.

CBT-BI is an unaffiliated congregation that keeps the doors open to anyone who seeks a Jewish connection because our community reflects the diversity of the Jewish experience and the Jewish community. There are singles, married couples, Holocaust survivors, Jews by Choice, intermarried families, blended families, those who studied for many years in Jewish Day Schools as well as those who have little or no formal Jewish education. All have found their place in our community.

We believe in pluralism and want to serve the needs of Jews from many different backgrounds within the framework of a traditional Judaism. For example, our service is totally egalitarian and we respect kashrut as a source of spirituality.

If you want to learn more about this awesome congregation, drop me a line or call me and let's talk about your spiritual journey and how we can help you.

R. Jordan Gendra, Ph.D., M.H.L.




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Faith in the Future
"We came from a country where we could not practice religion and now can. It's important for us to belong to a synagogue ... when we see how the children participate in services, it's so exciting - we did not have this in Russia ... We want to see the synagogue grow so the children have room to learn and study."
-- Luba V.
Congregation B'nai Tikvah-Beth Israel
115 East Holly Avenue, Sewell, NJ
(Mailing address: PO Box 1013, Turnersville, NJ 08012)