Community BBQ

Posted on: April 27th, 2016

Update: June 4, 2016

Due to a high chance of rain tomorrow, we will be holding our BBQ at the synagogue.  If the weather decides to cooperate, folks can still eat outside if they would like.  All food prepared at home or bought already prepared must be either prepared with kosher ingredients or certified kosher.  All food must be vegetarian with no dairy products as part of the ingredients.  All food must be served in disposable trays and served with disposable utensils.  For details, please see the email that went out on Friday.

The BBQ promises to still be a fun event, just in a different location.  We will supply music.  Please feel free to bring board games or even sports equipment just in case the weather does cooperate.  We have a basketball hoop at the synagogue, if someone could supply the basketball.  The Membership Committee looks forward to seeing you tomorrow!

It is essential that members bringing food into the premises honor the trust implicit in the policies

The kitchen will need to be sealed off.  All utensils, trays, etc will need to be disposable.

Barbecuing can be done under the overhang.

  • Food brought in must be kosher. It may not be brought into the CBTBI kitchen, nor may any utensil from the kitchen be used with it.
  • Home-prepared food must be made in disposable aluminum pans and it must be brought in still in that pan, and cut in auxiliary kitchen space (separated from the main kitchen) set up for that purpose. All mixes or ingredients must carry kosher certification.
  • Home-prepared food must be brought in on paper plates and served only on the special separate cake trays used only for that purpose. No utensils, other than disposables, may be brought from home.
  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, salt, sugar, spices, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and milk do not require kashrut certification. Cut raw fruits & vegetables, or salads can be prepared at home.
  • Because processed foods must both contain kosher ingredients and be prepared in a kosher way, all prepared or packaged food (including canned, frozen, baked, or foods otherwise changed from their natural state) as well as dairy products (yogurts, etc.) must bear kashrut certification from a recognized authority, such as the O-U or O-K..
  • The “K” symbol is not trademarked and is not a symbol for a specific certification authority. Therefore, it is not sufficient to certify that the ingredients and manner of preparation are kosher. The Tablet K heksher is also not recognized by the Conservative movement as reliable and may not be used.
  • Although it is impossible to keep track of all possible food allergies, it is an increasingly common courtesy to label foods containing nuts, since some people with that allergy have severe, life-threatening reactions.
  • All meat and poultry is purchased from a kosher butcher or is prepackaged and has Rabbinic certification.
  • Only kosher fish – that is, those with fins and scales – are used. Shell fish and eels are not used. All packaged, canned, or frozen products are certified kosher
  • Commercially cooked food must come from establishments that are under Rabbinic supervision.
  • Commercially baked goods must come from establishments described.
  • All cheeses are permitted.
  • Meat and dairy dishes are completely separated
  • Separate dishes, pots, pans, utensils and flatware are used for meat and dairy
  • Products (including those labeled “non-dairy”) are checked for milk derivatives, such as casein, sodium caseinate and lactose, if they are to be used with meat.