Adult Education

CBTBI is a great place to enrich the mind as well as the soul. We offer adult education classes throughout the year that enable our adult members to learn more about Judaism and everything related to it: prayer, Torah, religious trends and God, to name a few. We welcome participants at every stage of the way along the Jewish journey, from those just starting out to seasoned “travelers.”

Rabbi Jordi, with his depth of knowledge and wealth of experience in teaching, leads most of our adult education classes. A combination of lecture and discussion, along with Rabbi Jordi’s passion for Judaism and terrific sense of humor, make for a wonderful and memorable classroom experience. He also has recorded lectures related to the High Holidays that have been posted online, allowing viewers anywhere to learn at their convenience. Click here to access the videos. 

In early 2017, Rabbi Jordi will lead an adult education class every month through May. Each class is independent of the others.

Classes include:

March 9: What is the relationship between religion and self-realization/therapy/emotional healing? Click here for more information.

April 6: How did Jews become white folks? Click here for more information.

May 4: What do we do about communal norms and standards? Click here for more information.


The Many Faces of CBTBI

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