Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of CBTBI prides itself on lending support to strengthen both the educational and social environment at CBTBI. Our goal is to help foster relationships amongst the children as well as the parents and teachers through volunteerism, fundraising, and organization of fun activities for the children.

The PTO members volunteer their time throughout the school year by running a gift table for the children to buy gifts for their families at the holiday bazaar, helping with setup/clean-up of oneg during Shabbat school, as well as assisting the school with events held during school hours such as holiday parties and the Purim carnival. The PTO members show appreciation for the efforts of our school’s dedicated teachers by hosting a teachers appreciation luncheon as well as giving end of year gifts.

Our fundraising efforts have enabled us to support the synagogue and the religious school by helping purchase new equipment/supplies for our school, as well as lend support to our members and their families in times of need by providing meals or offering rides after an illness in the family. We have supported our school children in various ways  when serious illnesses have occurred as well as contributed and participated in events to raise funds for research.

The children have enjoyed our end of year pajama breakfasts on the last day of religious school. The PTO organizes fun activities outside of religious school hours to allow the children to further strengthen their CBTBI friendships.

Thanks to our current members for their continued support. If you are not already a member of the PTO please consider joining a great group of parents, teachers, and synagogue members. Together we can do wonderful things to support all aspects of CBTBI.Shalom

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