Adult Education with Rabbi Jordi

Rabbi Jordi’s new adult education classes continue with “What is the Relationship Between Religion and Self Realization/Therapy/Emotional Healing?”

The class will meet on March 9 from 7 PM to 8:30 PM.

For this series, there is no specific book. Instead, Rabbi Jordi has collected articles and chapters from different books that he is making available online for those who want to take the class (or for anyone). The links to the reading material are below. 

Please let the rabbi know the week of the class if you will be attending. His email is Each class is independent from the others, but the readings are essential to keep up with the discussion.

Class reading material:

Heinze, Andrew. “Judaism and the Therapeutic” The Reconstructionist 61(1), Spring 1996, 27-35.

Kushner, Harold. Who Needs God? NY: Summit Books,1989, pp.69-74; 176-178.

Artson, Bradley. “God is Becoming: Consolation in the Face of Tragedy,” Tikkun Magazine. April 22, 2009.


The next class topic will be “How Did Jews Become White Folks?” Join us on April 6 at 7 PM!

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