A Message from the President

CBTBI stands for Congregation B’nai Tikvah Beth Israel, but easily could mean Congregants Bind Together to Build Interconnectivity. Interconnectivity is the state or quality of being connected or together. That’s what we strive to be at CBTBI – together. It starts with Shabbat as we pray together and share our synagogue together. And of course-we Oneg Shabbat together. We laugh together; we cry together. We visit our sick and make shiva calls together. We work with fellow members in committees together. We reach out to those who are underprivileged through our Social Action Programs, giving of ourselves together. As we wish each other a Shabbat Shalom on Friday night or Saturday morning we support, we connect, we build together.

An extraordinary number of CBTBIans volunteer in numerous ways to keep us strong. 68 committees and subcommittees, some with 12 members and others with 1, contribute to our Jewish mission.

We look forward to a new Rabbi. This Rabbi will guide, but we must first desire guidance. We look for our leadership to create unity, but it is we who must desire that as well.

Now we move forward into the Jewish year 5779. The gates are closing, and new gates will open. They will open for a Rabbi, new and returning members, new and returning students, new and returning melodies to our prayers and new and returning melodies to our lives.

CBTBI is only 5 letters long, but it is our interconnectivity that makes us strong.

I wish you a meaningful, sweet and peaceful year.

L’Shanah Tovah

Joshua Meyer


The Many Faces of CBTBI

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