Becoming a Member of CBTBI

This is a great time to be a member of CBTBI and to participate in our vibrant community. Our calendar is full of activities hosted by groups for adults and children of all ages.

CBTBI is not just a synagogue or a place to send your children for religious school; it is a family and a community. The membership committee works to make our synagogue home a welcoming place for our members, guests and prospective members. We welcome Jewish and interfaith families from all backgrounds. Since we are not affiliated with any of the Jewish synagogue movements, we have been able to create an environment that is supportive to anyone who considers themselves to be Jewish and their families.

While our synagogue has one of the most affordable dues structures in South Jersey, we realize that not everyone can afford to pay the full membership fee. CBTBI does not want anyone to feel that membership is out of reach because of finances. CBTBI offers financial assistance to those members who demonstrate need. Please contact the Financial Secretary, Deb Judlowitz at or (609) 805-4055 for a Financial Assistance Evaluation form. All requests will be kept strictly confidential between the Financial Secretary and the President of the congregation.

Please visit our Events page frequently to get an idea of the activities we offer. Get involved – feel free to contact us for information on membership or any of our programs and events.

The Many Faces of CBTBI