Green Initiative

CBTBI is going green!  With Rabbi Rachel’s assistance, we have created a new committee, the Green Team, to reduce waste and make CBTBI more environmentally friendly. Below are some of the projects we are working on.  Please check in periodically for updates on our progress.
Effective immediately, we will be eliminating plastic water bottles. We will be using pitchers filled with tap water for all onegs and special events.  The tap water at the synagogue is tested frequently and has been certified good to drink.
Also, effective immediately, we will be moving to reusable tablecloths and eliminating the use of plastic ones. Thanks to our generous members, we have received donated tablecloths and we have volunteers who will be taking them home and washing them after events.
We will have the recycling and trash cans more accessible and clearly marked as to what can go in each.  As per Washington Township, we can recycle #1 and #2 plastic, glass, metal cans, and clean paper or cardboard.  
In addition to the recyclable items above, we will also be separating out compostable food scraps (anything that is not meat or dairy). We will have plastic buckets with covers to collect compost. Some of our members will be taking the buckets home to use the compost in their gardens. If you would like to take home compost, please let us know.
For now, anything that is not recyclable or compostable is trash.
Other initiatives we are looking into include purchasing compostable and/or recyclable paper goods and acquiring a soda stream to make our own soda on demand, rather than buying dozens of plastic bottles of soda, much of which ends up being poured down the drain anyway. And yes, we can make our own diet soda.  
Want to sponsor a “green” oneg and need some advice? Please contact Lisa Parker at
We are looking forward to engaging our congregation in all of our environmental projects. We have established a Green Fund to help make all of this possible. If you are interested in making a donation, please make checks payable to CBTBI and put “Green Fund” on the memo line. Thank you!
We welcome your questions, concerns, and ideas.
The Green Team
Debbi Judlowitz
Mina Newstadt
Lisa Parker
Rabbi Rachel

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