Kinder Shabbat

Kinder Shabbat is held the second Friday of each month at 6:30 pm, unless noted otherwise for a special event.  Through story, song, and movement, Rabbi Abby Michaleski teaches children ages 7 and under about Jewish customs and traditions related to Shabbat and holidays.  Children participate in Shabbat candle lighting as well as the prayers for grape juice and bread.  Healthy snacks are served around 7:15pm, when children and their families socialize together and have the opportunity to ask questions of the rabbi.

Once or twice a year we have a special Kinder Shabbat dinner for children and their families. These events, which allow participants to share a meal and learn about the traditions surrounding the meal, usually are related to a holiday such as Hanukkah or Sukkot.

Synagogue membership is not required to participate in Kinder Shabbat.  Regular Kinder Shabbat programs are free.  Special dinners may have a small fee to cover the cost of food.

Please see the Events Calendar for Kinder Shabbat dates, or contact the office at or 856-589-6550 for more information or to request that your name be added to our Kinder Shabbat mailing list.Shalom

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